Betonstat.com is a project born out of a passion for gambling, Vegas, and the general love of statistical games. Jon and I were college roommates that decided we could make money in the local casino in Niagara Falls in Canada. After getting our homework done, we would head up to the casino for the weekend in order to study the different games. Often, we would be asked if we were placing bets by the pit crew. We would shake our heads and walk off.

You see, Jon and I wanted to make sure we understood all of the games and the risks and payouts of playing before we put any money down.

Once we started to play, we were able to win more. We spent more time in the casinos and less time at school, which was a problem for us academically, but not for our pockets.

The Life of a Casino Player

At one point, Jon was accused of counting cards at the blackjack table. He had to explain that he was a statistics major and that he had no clue as to how to count cards. The casino managers believed him and we continued to visit the local casinos. Maybe this is why we now prefer playing online blackjack as opposed to physically going to a local casino.

Eventually, we both graduated – and by the skin of our teeth. Jon went to work at one of the local casinos while I decided to head to Vegas and try my hand on the poker scene. It wasn’t long before Jon moved to Vegas in order to take advantage of the same scene.

After hearing so many people talk about the games and their lack of knowledge in terms of how to play, Betonstat.com was born. It was time to bring more information in front of people. This would (hopefully) help people to stop wasting their money at casinos that didn’t offer the best player incentives and teach people how to play the games that they wanted to bet their money on.

What do we do

Betonstat.com is all about the world of gambling, which includes top Australian online casinos as well as betting websites. More people are using websites than ever before in order to make bets and try to win money. While, admittedly, it’s no Vegas, it is popular and simple to make bets in order to place wagers.

It’s just like Vegas, though – there are many casinos to choose from and they don’t all have the best perks once you step inside. To this day, it’s still just Jon and I running things and we’re in Las Vegas, Nevada. No matter how much happens online, we are still in the gambling capital of the world.

Through this website, our goal is to educate the masses and make this a fun, go-to spot to learn about an online casino, land based casinos, and betting so that you become members of the best players clubs and make the most possible money when you place a wager with real money.